UniLux is a low cost, miniature fluorometer for monitoring Chlorophyll a, other algae pigments, and common tracer dyes. The highly sensitive sensors indicate small changes in the parameters at very low concentrations.


Features & Applications


  • Highly sensitive miniature fluorometer
  • Low cost solution for algae monitoring and dye detection at low concentrations
  • Real-time data output in μg/l
  • User configurable sampling frequency from 0.1 Hz to 3 Hz
  • Robust ambient light and turbidity rejection
  • Data display and logging with Hawk and Watchkeeper accessories


  • In situ chlorophyll & algae class studies
  • Monitoring within water treatment plants
  • Taste & odour issues
  • Environment & water quality monitoring
  • Monitoring spatial & temporal changes in algae class composition
  • Early warning of bloom detection
  • Dye tracing
  • Particulate studies
  • Process control
  • Integration within marine CTDs, AUVs and towed vehicles



Parameters Dynamic Range* Limit of Detection
Chlorophyll a 0 to 400 μg/L <0.01 μg/L
Phycoerythrin (Cyanobacteria) 0 to 400 μg/L <0.02 μg/L
Phycocyanin (Cyanobacteria) 0 to 400 μg/L <0.01 μg/L
Rhodamine 0 to 100 μg/L <0.02 μg/L
Fluorescein 0 to 100 μg/L <0.005 μg/L

* Configurable up to 1000 μg/L


Size Ø 26.5 mm x 140 mm (including connector)
Weight in air 100 g
Pressure housing Acetal C
Depth rating 600 metres
Connector MCBH-6-MP-SS


Input voltage 11 to 25 Vdc
Data output Digital RS232 and analogue 0 to 5 Vdc (RS422, SDI-12 and 4-20 mA options available)
Power requirements <1 Watt @ 12 V


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