The Hawk is a compact, hand-held display unit with colour touchscreen. Hawk provides power and data logging, as well as displaying real-time data for up to 3 parameters. Data can be plotted in a graphical form and has user programmable Red, Amber and Green data thresholds.

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Features & Applications


  • Real-time data display, power and logging for UniLux, TriLux and UViLux fluorometers
  • Backlit, colour touchscreen LCD display suitable for use with gloved hands
  • Data displayed in numerical or graphical form
  • Simple date, time and GPS logging
  • User adjustable logging rates
  • User configurable red, amber and green data thresholds
  • User programmable calibration
  • 2 GB data storage capacity
  • Rechargeable battery pack or primary cells
  • Data averaging and acquisition intervals are user configurable


Hawk Display 320 x 240 pixel qVGA backlit LCD
Display size 70 x 50 mm
Size 210 x 110 x 45 mm
Weight 500 g
Memory capacity 2 GB
Logging Rate User configurable
IP rating IP67
Battery duration  Sensor dependent
Operating temperature -2 °C to 40 °C
Storage temperature -40 °C to 70 °C
PC interface USB
Power Internal rechargeable battery (supplied) or 4 x AA cells (on request)

Delivery pack includes Hawk, USB cable/charging cable, mains charger and Hawk PC software.

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